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How to Get Your Legs Ready for Spring

Although we are entrenched in the winter season, we have to think positively on the coldest of days. If you find yourself frustrated when you look at the weather forecast and see another day of below-freezing temperatures or another snowstorm on the horizon, think happy thoughts. And those happy thoughts are that spring and summer will be here sooner than we realize!   The spring and summer seasons mean days spent lounging in the sun on the patio, reading a good book by the pool, and hosting cookouts in the backyard with your closest family and friends. If that thought doesn’t warm you up on a cold winter’s day, we don’t know what else does! No matter what your favorite spring and summertime activities are, we know one thing; it’s the time of year to put away the parkas and the snow pants and get out your cute spring clothes! Say goodbye to the scarves and hats and hello to the shorts and sundresses.    Yes, the seasonal wardrobe shift coming your way in the next few months should exci

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