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Varicose Veins And Men

  As summer heat peaks and shorts flash into fashion, legs are on full display. With all the attention turned their way, they should be treated as the stars of the show.    Taking care of your legs, like any other part of your body, should be your top priority, not only for cosmetic appeal but for critical health reasons. Varicose veins, for example, are consistently portrayed in the media as a “woman’s cosmetic” problem. However, varicose veins are exclusive to neither. Men develop varicose veins as they age and face the same issues women with varicose veins have.    In both scenarios, regardless of gender, varicose veins pose a serious health risk to your legs. They can cause severe discomfort and pain with an unhealthy dose of swelling. In the most dangerous situations, these veins can develop blood clots from a condition known as Superficial Thrombophlebitis. Though this prospect is daunting, proper care can limit your risk of serious complications.    What Causes Varicose Veins ?

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